Welcome to FighterPractice.com

The purpose of this site is to provide an easy, simple, resource for those in the SCA that seek fighter practices while they are traveling.  These practices include heavy combat, rapier, archery, thrown weapons, etc.  This project came about after years of seeing pleas for information on practices in various areas from fighters all over the SCA.  This site is owned and maintained by Duke Logan Ebonwoulfe (www.ebonwoulfe.com).  

The map tends to load very slowly due to the large amount of information it contains.  There is a link under the map that you should click to get a larger map which is much easier to use.

If you would like to have your practice added or have any feedback or correction for me please click here.

Important note!!  Google maps only allows for 200 entries on a page.  When using this tool please click the "larger map" link under the map and then make sure to click the additional map pages at the bottom and check the next map for the location you are visiting as you may miss some practices otherwise.  


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